State Securities four quarter stock index fluctuations in the 2900-3200 point range tencent upd

State Securities: fourth quarter stock index at 2900-3200 rangebound Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money source: China Securities Author: Li Lifeng Wei Xueai Xiong Feng "received" -A shares four autumn winter quarter of the investment strategy, the overseas market: an eventful year. Q4 entered the overseas market still faces many uncertain factors: 1) at the beginning of the October Hungarian EU refugee quotas to hold a referendum on Italy’s reform act of referendum. 2. The fragility of European banks and the focus on the UK’s withdrawal from europe. 3) November 8th U.S. presidential election. Hilary * * * * VS * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *. 4) in December 14th, the United States "symbolic" interest rate hike, there will be repeated. Two, liquidity environment: analogy in 2013, hovering in the fork intersection. In contrast with the 2013, after just experienced a round of monetary easing, monetary policy will choose a stage to neutral. 4Q interest rates "dilemma": 1) "the United States in December is expected to raise interest rates, domestic economic stabilization stage, domestic structural bubbles and domestic supply side reforms, restrict the domestic 4Q loose monetary policy; 2) on the other hand, central inflation at around 2%, does not have to tighten the money the environment. Three, the policy environment: structural bubble, real estate regulation into focus. 1) the real estate market and the A stock market has a certain degree of "seesaw effect". If the government to strengthen the regulation and control of real estate, does not rule out the possibility of capital inflows into A shares; if the real estate market, high fever, the marginal capital flows from the A-share market to the real estate market A. Recommendations focus on the late real estate regulatory policy trends. 2) IPO rhythm revealed regulatory attitude, follow-up continued concern. The current issue of new shares, according to the two installment of a single month, each batch of about 10-14 home rhythm issue. Four, chip distribution: "national team" of "capricious"". Agencies accounted for the increase, the national team accounted for increased. Compared to the end of 2015, Q2 institutional investors accounted for significantly improved, 23.2% – 25.6%. Since last year, since the "crash", "national team" holdings of A shares. As of mid 2016, the national team stock market value of 1 trillion and 150 billion, accounting for up to the end of last year, up to 5.9% by 4.2%. Five, earnings and valuation. 1 (economic) L type, A shares overall profit elasticity is not large overall profit elasticity. Due to the macroeconomic trend is expected to maintain the trend of L type, the overall volatility of the overall performance of A shares is not large, to maintain a narrow range in the scope of the class, the overall profitability of the impact on the growth rate of A stock index is limited. On the contrary, the structure is more important. Overall, the profitability of small and medium-sized still far more than the profitability of the motherboard. However, due to the reasons for the base, is expected to Q3, Q4 profit growth will decline slightly. 2) overall, A stock valuation (TTM) in the history of the median level. Taking into account the rapid growth of M1, M2 in recent years, the current A share valuation (TTM) overall level is not expensive. Six, theory相关的主题文章:

Shandong announced telecommunications fraud cases have been tampered with e-mail fraud 1 million 890 k-boxing

Shandong announced the telecommunications fraud cases have been tampered with 1 million 890 thousand euro mail fraud mail fraud on 12 September, Xinhua news agency, Ji’nan (reporter Wu Shuguang) September 9th, Shandong Jining a company manager has been tampered with mail fraud 1 million 896 thousand euros. Shandong anti fraud telecommunications network center of rapid response, at 11 am in a foreign bank successfully stopped all the money. This reporter learned from the 12 Shandong Provincial Public Security Bureau held a news conference on the fight against telecommunications fraud. The case was announced in the conference, both "QQ posing as a leading fraud", "the manufacture of false arrest warrant fraud", but also the sale of identity cards, bank cards and personal information and other crimes. At present, Shandong province anti fraud telecommunications network center, Ji’nan, Qingdao two sub center and Weifang, Jining and other 11 city anti fraud center comprehensive operation, public security, telecommunications, finance and other departments in accordance with the "comprehensive personnel stationed, on-site consultation rapid response, telephone fraud involving rapid interception, rapid capital payment" work requirements, build a joint the working platform to form a joint force. Since September, Shandong, Qingdao, Zibo, Dongying, Yantai, Jining, Liaocheng, Heze and other cities have succeeded in preventing people from being cheated, dozens of victims to avoid the loss of more than two thousand yuan. Deputy director of the Shandong Provincial Public Security Bureau, said Wang Jincheng, although some cases cracked, but the telecommunications network fraud has not been effectively curbed. At present, outside the dens "overflow" phenomenon is obvious, telecommunications network fraudsters will start gradually from the southeast to the dens of crime in Europe and America countries transfer, increase the difficulty of action against overseas. It is reported that the Shandong Provincial Public Security Department of telecommunications network fraud "upstream" production of Trojan virus, the infringement of citizens’ personal information and the "downstream" illegal trading of bank cards, the use of POS machines cash profit and other crimes, the implementation of full coverage of tracking, the whole chain of combat, destroying the crime of "grey" and "black production system. (end)相关的主题文章:

Zhao Xiangbin the price trend rebound gold and silver still have the opportunity cagliari exchange

Zhao Xiangbin: the price trend rebound gold and silver still have the opportunity? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! After a week of non-agricultural market as of Friday review, the dollar is down has been stabilized, and then failed to hit the top of the gold and silver by back test below support; oil prices down is a continuation of the rebound trend, rising in the direction of abnormal visible. Analysis and summary of various factors, the change and the constant in which, let us look at what factors? 1 different varieties of the trend characteristics and direction of the foreign exchange market in the United States that the bottom of the 94.5 point rally higher closing at 95.04 points, 9 points lower this morning the adjustment in 94.92 points; the euro dollar down to close at 1.1260 points, slightly higher this morning, up to 1.1270 points after operation; GBPUSD dropped two consecutive trading days closing in 1.3294, operation this morning rebound to 1.3308 points; the Australian dollar fell down in the vicinity of 0.7642 runs near this morning rebound to 0.7650 points; the dollar yen bottomed 101.39 points rebound near 102.496 points, after adjustment to lower this morning near 102.268. The crude oil market hit a maximum of $47.74 a barrel, and oil prices rose to a new level, a step closer to $49.36 in August 19th. The gold and silver market fell below the key support fell to $1336.5 and around $19.58; two consecutive trading days has been falling trend; on Tuesday rose trend constitutes an important test. 2 kinds of market factors change first, the United States that are subject to a variety of support rally in the United States announced in September 3rd the number of jobless claims was 259 thousand, 26.5 and 263 thousand lower than the market forecast and the former value; boost the dollar index to stabilize rebound. Secondly, the European central bank interest rate market triggered waves of the European Central Bank yesterday evening at 19 announced the decision, expected to maintain interest rates unchanged at 0%, while bank deposits in -0.4% overnight interest rates remain unchanged. European Central Bank President Delagi announced no further monetary stimulus plan, the current monetary easing is still 80 billion euros. Third, changes in the factors reflected in the following aspects of Delagi while maintaining monetary policy unchanged, but he said the quantitative easing will continue to inflation path consistent with the European Central Bank objectives, and perhaps this is a fact disguised extension of monetary policy; this does not exclude the impact of the market reaction stimulated speech. The view that the 1 president of the European Central Bank’s speech left monetary policy adjustments in the future that remain unchanged, perhaps deliberately suppress the current exchange rate of the euro and for, in order to obtain the low exchange rate advantage to help the development of the European economy. 2 apparently does not need the support of the United States that, in addition to its own economic data support, can also have other economies such as poor performance support. 3 dollars to plunge apparently相关的主题文章: